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 This page introduces other works of Marc-Olivier Souder on different Medias; such as movie, short-cut, web-serie, web platform etc... With a description of the project, his position on it is indicated, as well as a link to the production website.



Job : Still Photographer

"NIGHT FARE" a movie by Julien Seri

Producer : Daigoro Films - 2015


Synopsis : Luc and Chris, his english friend, take a cab to go back home after a parisian party. Arrived, they decided not to pay the driver. It was the wrong drivier to do a taxi basket… The driver is going to chase them the whole night. Is it really money that he is seaking ?


Job : Art Director

This Small Multimedia Work (SMW) is the fruit of the collaboration between Marc-Olivier Souder and Hanuman. Author Photographer, Marc-Olivier Souder worked with the main french titles of the specialised press in kick-boxing and the free fight. Video artist, Hanuman produces regularly short cuts on Muay Thaï which he also perform the editing.

With the announcement of the revenge between Fabio Pinca and Sittichai Sitsongpeenong in the 3rd edition of the "Best Of Siam" event on February 14th, 2013 in Paris, these two authors join their efforts to create an original work.

With the first fight which took place on January 30th, 2010 in Tours in the background and the second fight to come, the writing of the portrait of these two exceptional boxers combines various media. In this SMW, are used, archives pictures of 2010, voices of the protagonists before their second fight, as well as videos and sounds of the Halle Carpentier's atmosphere during their fight in 2013.

Beyond the sports result of the fight, the main will of the authors is to show the beauty of this difficult Art that is Muay Thaï, Thai boxing.


Job : Art Director

Movie presenting the activities of the "Ranch de Saint Prix" in parsian area.

In collaboration with Pierre Carlier.

Music "Cowboy boots" by Willy Bird.


Job : Art Director

Musical clip "Salut Eddy et Johnny" from the AMERICANA album by Willy Bird.

In collaboration with Pierre Carlier.

French song with roots and flavors of american music.





Job : Movie camera Assistant

The short-cut « The Dragon and the Phoenix » deals with some of the difficulties of the Chinese community to enter in the French society. On line in the end of 2012.








Job : Author - Photographer

The web plateform « Carceropolis » entered on line on the 17th april 2012, the aim of this citizen initiative is to have a different look on Jail and to invite people to reflect about the prison condition in France.

Marc-Olivier Souder joins the authors and contributes to this web plateform with some of the pictures he made during a Thaï boxing event organised in the “Maison Centrale de Saint Maur” in France.





Job : Second Assistant Director

During the international competition « 48 Go green » in March 2012, which imposed theme was "Save the next generation", Marc-Olivier Souder is Second Assistant of Jérôme Dupont, Art Director of the team « Wake Up !».

The team decided to dedicate this short movie to Japan, “Hanaé” was written, shot and edited within 48 hours. Was it a calendar coincidence ? the last day of the competition was exactly 1 year day to day after the tragical events that strikes Japan on the 11th of March 2011. The short cut “Hanaé” is dedicated to the Japanese people.







Job : First Assistant Director

During the international competition « 48 Go green » in February 2011, Marc-Olivier Souder was the First Assistant of Jérôme Dupont, Art Director of the team « Wake Up !». Within 48 hours the short cut « Let it Bee » was written, shot and edited. « Let it Bee » was part of the top 16 winners.

Refer to the 48 Hour Go green 2011 page with the top 16 finalists:




Job : Still Photographer

The french-american web-serie « My Bitchy witchy Paris Vacation » tells in 6 episodes the adventures of a mother with her two daughters on vacation in Paris. Written, shot in Paris and edited between 2009 and 2010, this web-serie was selected at the « LA web-serie Festival 2011 ».








Job : Cinematographer

In the card trick « United like the digits of one hand », Dominique Souder – « Mathemagician » - shows you a card trick with a mathematical explanation.

Shot with the friendly participation of Mister Charles Barbier - Master Magician – during the exhibition of mathematical games and culture on the 27th of May 2011 at the Faculty of Jussieu (Paris - France).