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 This page introduces other works of Marc-Olivier Souder on different Medias; such as short-cut, web-serie, web platform etc... With a description of the project, his position on it is indicated, as well as a link to the production website.






Job : Movie camera Assistant

The short-cut « The Dragon and the Phoenix » deals with some of the difficulties of the Chinese community to enter in the French society. On line in the end of 2012.








Job : Author - Photographer

The web plateform « Carceropolis » entered on line on the 17th april 2012, the aim of this citizen initiative is to have a different look on Jail and to invite people to reflect about the prison condition in France.

Marc-Olivier Souder joins the authors and contributes to this web plateform with some of the pictures he made during a Thaï boxing event organised in the “Maison Centrale de Saint Maur” in France.





Job : Second Assistant Director

During the international competition « 48 Go green » in March 2012, which imposed theme was "Save the next generation", Marc-Olivier Souder is Second Assistant of Jérôme Dupont, Art Director of the team « Wake Up !».

The team decided to dedicate this short movie to Japan, “Hanaé” was written, shot and edited within 48 hours. Was it a calendar coincidence ? the last day of the competition was exactly 1 year day to day after the tragical events that strikes Japan on the 11th of March 2011. The short cut “Hanaé” is dedicated to the Japanese people.







Job : First Assistant Director

During the international competition « 48 Go green » in February 2011, Marc-Olivier Souder was the First Assistant of Jérôme Dupont, Art Director of the team « Wake Up !». Within 48 hours the short cut « Let it Bee » was written, shot and edited. « Let it Bee » was part of the top 16 winners.

Refer to the 48 Hour Go green 2011 page with the top 16 finalists:




Job : Still Photographer

The french-american web-serie « My Bitchy witchy Paris Vacation » tells in 6 episodes the adventures of a mother with her two daughters on vacation in Paris. Written, shot in Paris and edited between 2009 and 2010, this web-serie was selected at the « LA web-serie Festival 2011 ».








Job : Cinematographer

In the card trick « United like the digits of one hand », Dominique Souder – « Mathemagician » - shows you a card trick with a mathematical explanation.

Shot with the friendly participation of Mister Charles Barbier - Master Magician – during the exhibition of mathematical games and culture on the 27th of May 2011 at the Faculty of Jussieu (Paris - France).