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Marc Olivier Souder - Author Photographer


Discovering the world with child-like eyes, Marc-Olivier Souder realized that photography allowed him to capture one memory among many others. At the age of 8, as he agitated the photo developing tank, he watched with fascination as the image appeared. It was a magical moment arising from "nearly nothing," revealing an image from the past. Searching for beauty seems obvious for him: since we have this skill, we must become worthy of it. With a sense of responsibility toward whatever and whoever he photographs, and in homage to those who transmitted their techniques to him, he has made it his duty to create beautiful images.

Luckily "beauty" takes many forms and is worth our while to seek it out. A specialist in martial arts and combat sports photography with more than a decade of experience, he is regularly published in the specialized press and the Internet. Through his travels and encounters, he strives to capture the sensitive beauty and harmony of a dance performance or an equestrian demonstration. Humble and respectful before Mother Nature, he attests to the genius of her architect, before whom the most beautiful works of man pale in comparison.

He believes that trying to capture these moments of pure simplicity and plenitude, when a person is fully expressed in his or her whole being and essence is a quest worth undertaking. He strives to continually sharpen his eye and refine his art, aiming always towards perfection.