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Marc Olivier Souder Services

Professional Photographer, Marc-Olivier Souder is registred by authorities as freelance worker. Photography is administratively defined as an « artistical creation activity », the Author-Photographer work depends on AGESSA (French Association managing Social Security for Authors). Member of an Approved Management Association, accepting as such the payment by check wording in his name (French law of the 12/03/79). Member of the Société des Auteurs des Arts Visuels et de l'Image Fixe  (SAIF) French Author society managing collective copy rights.

Services :

Below rates serves as guidelines, rates are evaluated depending on the time needed, the photo shoot complexity and the use aimed for the pictures. To the daily rate of 700 € Out of taxes for the single photographer, some expenses will be added for the licence fees, team back-up such as : 1st and 2nd assistant, Make up artist / Hair dresser, movements etc… according to the photo shoot.

Realizing a film mixing still photography and film combo editorial starts from 1500 € Out of taxes. It vary so much from a few days to several weeks that we need to discuss together about your project and see the best way to reach your aim.

For any estimate or request for additional information, feel free to ask using the "Contact" form. For more details about the photographic activities in France, you may have a look at the websites of the “Union des Photographes Professionnels” (UPP)  and Freelens